A Visit to Hutongs by Pedicab

Sitting on the pedicabs which move slowly and smoothly around the old city.Passengers could enjoy the scenery relaxedly.Therefore overseas visitors would like to take a pedicab.Another reason is why they are sometimes at a premium.Beijing is an ancient city well-known for its vast number of tiny hutongs behind the broad streets and avenues.Ataxi bothers to go into the hutongs,when it does,the taxi finds the hutong leading nowhere.


A pedicab is useful on such occasion,able to take passengers to places deep in the hutongs unmarked on the visitors map.

Tour Time : 8:30am-11:30am & 13:30pm-16:30pm daily

General Information

BTG F.I.T TRAVEL has already done city tour more than 20 years in Beijing.

The actual pick-up time of the coach tour from different hotels varies from place to place and from time-to-time in accordance with traffic condition.You will be advised at time of booking.

In the event of averse trsffic condition,we reserve the right to alter place to be visited.

During the trips,we also arrange some state-run souvenir stores for visiting with short time